The Power of Your Story of Brokenness…

Imagine that your story of brokenness could influence the lives of many people so that they come to trust in Christ?!

In John 4, Jesus touches the life of a woman who had 6 husbands or live-in boyfriends to show us that it wasn’t because of her “good life” that she became “one of the called” to share her story about how she met Christ! He came to save the lost, those far from God. So when she heard the truth that would change her life and eternity, she had to share it with others. That’s what we’ve been called to do….just to tell others what Christ’s love and truth did for us in our time of despair and darkness.

“Many [unbelievers] from that town believed in Him

because of the woman’s testimony!” v.39

After reading these verses, I cried out to God saying “use my voice, use my life’s testimony” that many would come to put their trust in You! I have found such a great joy in seeing others find the truth and healing that trusting in Christ will bring.


Can you hear the Spirit whispering to you to share your story? Maybe you will cry out to God to use your voice, too!

Here’s a few simple questions that you use to prepare yourself to share your story. And YES, EVERYONE HAS A STORY! Just think back to a time that you were anxious, frightened, ruined, or ill and identify how you drew near to God and found His love and faithfulness to help see you through.

Be BRIEF! This story should only take 1-2 minutes.

  • Who was I before I knew Christ? (ex.: I was broken and destroyed because of __________. **Hatred and bitterness consumed me.) **Note: it helps to use something that the listener can identify with. If they are going through loss, think back to a time when you went through loss and how you felt during that time, etc)
  • When/how did I come to know Jesus Christ? (ex.: one day someone told me that Jesus would forgive me for all of my sins and would heal the hurt and brokenness. All I had to do was ask Him to come into my life and save me. That decision turned my life in a new direction!)
  • Who am I after Christ came into my life? (ex.: since that day that I prayed to Jesus, I have set out to walk with Him daily. He has set me free from the **hatred and unforgiveness that once consumed me. He has breathed new life into my soul, giving me hope and joy. [**use what you said in the first bullet point])

Ask: Would you like to ask Jesus to come into your life to help you too?



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