Happy New Year, Everyone!

My heart and hope for us in 2018 is that we have a growing awareness of God’s nearness and a greater discernment of His voice as He leads us into the plans He has for us. Yes—God does have a plan for you and me! I confess–It is easy for me to “run my own life”, ignoring that still quiet voice. But when I read what the Psalmist was desperate for, I couldn’t help be feel that that was what should be at the top of my list as well! I want to experience God in the Secret Places…but how do I get there?

It all started one day when I was reading Psalms 63; I noticed that the Psalmist used a lot of action words, committing himself to do something. To me, that sounded like a New Year’s resolution! As I wrote each action out, the Spirit pricked my heart. This was a call to a deeper intimacy with God. And…wasn’t that what I was really looking for?

The first action on the Psalm 63 card (see below) is: “I will seek you, EARNESTLY” (v.1). I asked myself “what would it look like for me to seek God earnestly?” I looked up the definition as a starting place:

“with sincere and intense conviction; seriously. Earnest implies having a purpose and being steadily and soberly eager in pursuing it”.

That definition moved my heart.

I pray that our purpose would be—steadily and soberly eager in pursuing Him! May it be our sincere and intense conviction–that You, God, are the ONE that my soul longs for!

That has to be foundational if we are to be “fully satisfied” in Him (v.5).  I confess; I’ve pursued other things and expected them to satisfy me. But, God created us with a God-sized hole that only God-himself can fill.

So, this is where I start: “God, come and work an intense conviction in my heart; cause me to be steady and sober in my pursuit to find You and worship You. Be the One my soul longs for! Let everything I do in my day be based on a pursuit to know you more.

Join me this year by pursuing God, earnestly…in a way that you have never done before! As we allow Him to be The One who satisfies our heart and soul, I expect our material, physical and other spiritual goals will change as a result.


Here’s to worshipping God with a heart that is focused on an intimate closeness with Him!


**I’d love to hear how God’s Spirit is working to change your pursuit and satisfy your longing. Please share them with me!



Ps…I laminated the card below and shared it with my friends so we can all pursue Him together! I hope you will too!

Psalms 63:1-5

This New Year,

I will worship Him with a heart that is focused


                                                        I will seek you, earnestly

                                                        I thirst for you

                                                        I long for you with my whole being- 

                                                                no matter what my situation may be.

                                                        I have seen your presence

                                                        My eyes have beheld your power and glory

                                                        My lips will glorify you because your love

                                                               is better than life

                                                         I will praise you as long as I live

                                                         I will lift up my hands in your name

                                                         I will be fully satisfied in you

                                                         I will praise you with songs from my lips

You, God, Are My God!



Carol Fontenault

January 2018

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