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A family can be one of the best places on earth to feel connected, loved and secure, but at times it may be a tough place to live. Kids face peer pressure with bad influences lurking around every corner: television, the internet, and even magazines in the checkout aisle at Walmart. Everyone may love each other but that might be the last thing that ever gets communicated.

Family counseling can help restore balance in the home and improve communication patterns when conflict between siblings, or between the parents and child, have disrupted the dynamics of a healthy family’s rhythm and flow. The entire family is invited to join the sessions to discuss the problems and concerns in their home. One at a time, each person in the family is encouraged to share their point of view about the challenges that he/she experiences relationally or at home; additionally, each one will share what they believe needs to change.

A family is not a democracy where the majority rules; however, parents must learn to listen to their child’s concerns and respond appropriately as a way to improve trust, re-establish connection and influence in their children’s lives.

Examples where counseling may be beneficial could include: a child’s disruptive behavior at home or at school, disrespect and disobedience, disorder and chaos, lying, drugs and alcohol use, bully-ing/being bullied, eating disorders, or emotional distancing from the family.

Whether you are putting the broken pieces back together after a divorce or working as a blended family to establish a new rhythm, counseling may encourage everyone to learn to live and love together. Our desire is to help improve the way your family connects with each other, whether that is from a place of dysfunction to a place that functions or even if it is good and you desire to learn principles that would draw you into a close relationship that thrives and survives the adolescent and college years.

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